Light Inheritors

Hunt in the Capital

The party followed Marco and Naiadé to Brei on a boat from Orybdor Isle and followed him in secret. Their secret pursuit was interrupted by a rooftop assailant. Nevara, a halfling vigilante they had met in Ursina, was also in pursuit of a masked thief who had escaped across the roofs of shops in the market district. Althaea chose not to get entangled with the chase, but continued shadowing Marco and Naiadé. Nevara lost the thief she was pursuing, but along with Eldrad and Coldsweat, Hectre’s orcish minstrel, was able to capture some of his thugs.

One of the captured ruffians, an orc named Krug, told them that the thief Nevara was hunting was a Breian crime lord named Remulus, and his hideout was located beneath a local pub named the Boar’s Head. Althaea trailed Marco to the very same bar, and managed to overhear that Marco offered Naiadé and Hectre their freedom if they could match his employer’s offer: one thousand gold pieces.

The entire party gathered in the bar and agreed to storm Remulus’ hideout and hopefully acquire enough gold to pay off Marco from the thief’s hoard. Althaea learned from her orcish captive that Remulus is in league with Brigand Baneous, a dark figure from Althaea’s past. Before the attack, Coldsweat visited Hectre’s father, Lord Oaké, in the Breian palace. Their reunion was happy, but brief. Oaké refused to negotiate with his son’s kidnapper, placing his trust in Coldsweat and his companions to save Hectre.

That night, Coldsweat, Eldrad, Nevara, and Althaea descended into Remulus’ hideaway…


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