Light Inheritors


oozes_banner.png With Ser Hectre rescued and Marco deceased, dissolved inside a gelatinous cube, the adventurers were back at full strength. The decision was made to stay within the keep on Bone Hill and wait for reinforcements from Fletcher’s Peak to arrive. They could only hope that some in Restenford were still alive when the cavalry came.

As the party of warriors searched through the keep, they found that the guard tower had been blasted apart by some explosive force. On the second floor of the tower, they were confronted by one of the red-cloaked sorcerers who had imprisoned Hectre. He claimed his master had decided to kill them after all. The sorcerer, once struck, dissolved into a viscous ooze—an ochre jelly—and began to fight in earnest. The fight was won without serious injury, and Hectre discovered the captain of the watch’s corpse in the upper level. He was a blue-scaled dragonborn like Althaea. In his hand was a short sword, its hilt burnished silver wrapped in strips of black leather, and a shimmering blue sapphire glinted in its pommel. Inscribed in draconic runes on its polished blade was its name: Thunderbreath.

Before the party slept that night, Naiadé prevented a fight between Eldrad and Hectre, after the former insulted the latter, calling him a coward.

The next morning, there was a knock on the keep’s oaken doors. Lucio, a traveling skald, had fled Restenford after the orcish invasion, and made his way towards the small fortress. Lucio was once a companion of Marco’s, but wanted to get back at his old partner after Marco accepted Gravitus’ offer to kidnap Hectre. Lucio agreed to help the party retake Restenford; perhaps it had the makings of a valiant song? Not long afterward, Coldsweat appeared at the doors of the keep with five of House Fletcher’s sworn knights. Hectre forcefully tossed Coldsweat from the keep, telling him to return to Fletcher’s Peak, but amiably greeted the knights.

The Battle for Restenford was about to begin…


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