Light Inheritors

The Ghoul of Castle Blacklance

blacklance.jpgFebruary, Y843 of the Norn calendar.

Six intrepid adventurers gathered at the Frostmonth Festival in the small village of Ursina in northwest Brei. Ser Hectre the Root arrived first, eager to see his cousin, Eldrad, the lord of Ursina. Eldrad was accompanied by his loyal aide, Althaea, a dragonborn with dull blue scales. Naiadé, a wood elf refugee from the forest of Ardennes found her way to the festival. The halfling Nevara and the dragonborn Cade no longer accompany this group, but attended the festival.

The festivities were interrupted by a gruesome murder, perpetrated by a being the townsfolk known only as the Ghoul of Blacklance, an undead monstrosity that has plagued the village since last year’s harvest.

The adventurers traveled to Castle Blacklance, an ancient Du’un keep atop the treacherous Fallow Peak and discovered a mysterious sorcerer commanding the ghoul. Naiadé shot the ghoul and it was knocked out the window and disappeared from sight while Ser Hectre slew the sorcerer.


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