A spy in the service of Lord Eldrad.




Althaea was born in the poor farming town of Hullbeck outside of Brei. Her father was Urien who was a farmer and her mother was Celestine; they were both dragonborn with dark blue scales. The town was run by Brigand Baneous; a greedy politician that kept all the farmers indebted to him to remain in control.

Urien, fed up with Brigand’s corruption and seizure of all his crops, led an uprising of farmers to try to stop Brigand. Brigand wanted to maintain power so he hired assassins to kill Althaea’s family to quell the uprising. On Althaea’s sixth birthday, Urien gave Althaea a pendant with the crest of her family that had been past down for many generations. Immediately after receiving the gift Urien saw figures in the distance. Realizing that they were not friendly, Urien and Celestine hid Althaea underneath the floorboards of their small home hoping that she would survive the attack. Althaea, fiercely holding on to the pendant, watched through the cracks of the floorboards as her father and mother were horrifically slaughtered by two masked men.

The farmers, upon hearing of Urien’s tragic death drove Brigand out of town where he fled to the capital of Brei where he held a new powerful position. Althaea swore to avenge her parents and bring Brigand to justice.

Now an orphan, Althaea endured the trek to Brei to try to find Brigand. Upon her arrival, she was mugged by a group of men but was saved by Kenzai, the spy guild master. Kenzai took Althaea under his wing and trained her to be a spy assassin. After many years of training, Althaea became a well known spy within limited inner circles of good politicians in Brei. She is also known as a good being who often helps out the poor surrounding Brei. There is a common superstition in Brei about the blue dragon born; whoever seems to catch the attention of the mystifying dragonborn seems to mysteriously disappear… Many tourists of Brei hear this superstition upon entering the city and therefore she is feared by many.

Her journey brought her to Ursina, where Lord Eldrad hired her to spy on the nobles who wished to overthrow him due to his worshipping of demons.

Due to her ongoing fame due to her being a dragonborn in Ursina, Brigand found out that Althaea was still alive and hired hit men to kill her. Althaea discovered the nobles that were planning to overthrow Eldrad and threw them in jail for treason. As she was about to leave Ursina, Brigand’s twenty hit men tried to kill her and with the Eldrad, Althaea defeated them. After hearing Althaea’s story, Eldrad used his power to take down Brigand and put him in jail. This resulted in Althaea, despite her hatred for politicians, to swear loyalty to Eldrad and became his good friend, advisor, and sworn protector.

She began to trust Eldrad, despite his worshiping of demons and his overwhelming fetish to become a bear because he does not keep anything secret from her and she doesn’t keep anything secret from him. He is the only person besides Kenzai that Althaea truly trusts and calls her friend. She believes that Eldrad can change his demon worshiping ways and is concerned with his obsession with Atasaya. She is suspicious of everyone and is prone to overthink things and to be overly cautious.


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