Deceased. A high elf obsessed with the bear demon, Atasaya.


As a young child lord Eldrad, son of the high elves Njal and Alarielle of Ursina, had everything a child could ever ask for. Money, loving parents, and servants. Anything he could ever want was at his fingertips. Soon however, Eldrad realized that his life seemed to be missing something, something he could not figure out. He felt empty on the inside, and he had to figure out what was missing in his life, what was the one thing that could make him happy. One day when Eldrad was thirteen he was walking around the woods on the outskirts of Ursina pondering this question that has been eating away at him for three years now. He was completely unaccompanied on this walk for he knew these woods well and felt as though he could take care of himself if any danger were to pass his way.

About an hour into his trek Eldrad came to a particularly open stretch of field surrounded by trees in the middle of the woods that he had come to many times before. While sitting in this field Eldrad looked off into the distance and saw something that would alter Eldrad’s view on life and ultimately send him down the path he still takes today. On the other side of the field Eldrad spied a bear, but this was no ordinary bear. This bear was roughly forty feet tall, had glowing red eyes, and seemed to have blood dripping from its teeth and fur. Eldrad quickly found a place that he could hide but continued to watch as this monstrous creature looked around, presumably for something to eat Eldrad thought, and then proceeded to continue on its search for food, knocking down and destroying anything and everything that stood in its way.

Eldrad continued to watch in awe until this colossal bear was no longer in sight. As soon as the titanic creature was no longer visible Eldrad ran straight back to his castle in Ursina and directly to the library located inside to try and find the origins of this magnificent beast. After countless hours of searching Eldrad finally found what he was looking for. In a small, black, leather bound book that seemed as though it had been untouched for centuries entitled The Great Secrets of Norn. What he found in this book was a picture that perfectly fit the description of the monstrous creature he just witnessed and underneath this picture he found that this demons name was Atasaya.

As Eldrad read he learned that Atasaya is a great and powerful demon that can be found roaming the continent looking for men, women, and children to devour. Eldrad continued to read and soon realized he was incredibly fortunate to not have become Atasaya’s next victim for any who crosses the monsters path and come into its range of sight will be devoured immediately. There are no known survivors of Atasaya but legend has it that anyone within close proximity of the demon starts to have the seeds of the Atasaya’s mind planted within their own. This is how many of his victims are led to their violent consumption. These seeds are used as a mind controlling device that wills the victim to blindly obey Atasaya and indulge in his craving for human flesh. Eldrad was enthralled by this demon bear and soon he began to research into ways in which he could somehow come closer to this demon. He started by working to become a powerful druid in order to become a bear. He also began to study the inner workings of the demonic rituals and religions so if he were to ever meet Atasaya again he could give him his praises and ask to join him on his never ending quest for flesh to consume.

As Eldrad dove deeper into the religious workings of demons he soon realized that he agreed with many of the ideas that were presented to him by the demons. The idea that without pain and suffering there is no possible way for happiness and joy to exist he found particularly fascinating. Eldrad soon no longer worshiped Io and began to worship all types of demons and devils but above all else he worshiped Atasaya as his patron demon. After some time Eldrad’s parents passed away and Eldrad was left to rule over Ursina.

Eldrad was a kind and caring ruler who was always willing to go out of his way to help his citizens. However soon Eldrad began to feel suspicious that some dark force was planing on overthrowing him to take over the town of Ursina. Eldrad always being one to act on his gut and always trying to be one step ahead hired the person said to be the finest spy in all of Brea, Althaea. While working for Eldrad, Althaea was saved by Eldrad and the two of them took down Althaea’s sworn enemy, Brigand Baneous. After these occasions Althaea swore to protect Eldrad and the two became fast and close friends. Now Eldrad along with his dearest friend Althaea, his cousin Ser Hectre, and his companion Naiadé have begun a fantastic journey across the vast Duchy of Brei.


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