Lord Oaké of House Fletcher

Lord Oaké, Born of Okié, Noble of Brei, Hand to the Duke, Lord of Fletcher's Peak


Oaké is tall and of althletic bulld. He is in great shape for a 65 year old man. Like most Fletchers he has stunning grass-green eyes and is clean shaven. In battle he was scalped and replaced his scalp with a pure gold cap.oakeface.jpg


Trained in diplomacy and war tactics from a very young age, Oaké was named Lord of Fletcher’s Peak at the age of 30, following the death of his Father, Tundra. He commanded Fletcher’s Peak and led it to an extremely prosperous time. He ruled in part with his younger cousin Lofreyen. Lofreyen, while ten years younger than Oaké, was imbued with extremely great intelligence, and was considered by some to be the smartest man in the duchy, he was known as “The Mediator” because he was often called upon to settle disputes and make truces among rival groups in the duchy.

The year following his ascent to Lord, Oaké married Hectra his lifetime friend.

Wedding Portrait of Hectra (At age 29)

When Oaké was 32, Hectra gave birth to Hectre. It should be known that producing offspring later in life is not regarded strangely amongst the Fletchers. Six years after the birth of Hectre, tragedy struck the Fletcher family. An invitation was sent from Wichford for Oaké and Lofreyen to attend the birthday of a friend. Oaké could not attend due to prior engagements, so Hectra and Lofreyen went to Wichford. The two disappeared for weeks on end with no word. A search party was sent out and the body of Lofreyen was found in the Valdivia Forest. Clutched in Lofreyen’s arms was a baby orc, bathed in a cold sweat.
A Portrait of Lofreyen (Done postmortem, wounds removed by artist)

Hectra has never been seen since and it assumed that she was killed. Oaké brought the baby orc, Coldsweat, back to Fletcher’s Peak and raised him alongside Hectre.

Rather than despair, Oaké increased his political involvement in Brei, secretly hoping that one day his wife might return. When Oaké was 45 he was given the position of Hand to the Duke, the first worshiper of Ulir to gain this position. Oaké left his sister Juno to be the protector of Fletcher’s Peak until Hectre was of the appropriate age to take that mantle. In the following years the kingdom fell into the Ravenswood Dispute, and Hectre, now a trained warrior, was sent into battle. Hectre returned from this ordeal with a baby girl that he had rescued from a ravaged town. Oaké adopted the girl and named her Elmira.

When Hectre reached the age of 20, Oaké now 52, Oaké named Hectre the protector of Fletcher’s Peak. Oaké could have given Hectre his title of Lord of Fletcher’s Peak, but he did not as he felt that Hectre had not learned the ways of politics enough to handle this responsibility.

Oaké lives in the Duke’s Castle in Brei.

Lord Oaké of House Fletcher

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