Ser Hectre "The Root" of House Fletcher

Ser Hectre "The Root", Born of Hectra, noble of Brei, only son of Lord Oaké, Heir to Fletcher's Peak


Tall and broad shouldered. Hectre has a very sinister appearance. Although he is not often seen without his helmet on, his hair is brown and thick, his eyes are a stunning green, he has a large pronounced chin, and he is always clean shaven (the Fletcher family has superstitions about facial hair.) He has a tattoo of the orcish word for Brother on his left pectoral muscle, along with numerous scars of war.hectreface.jpeg


Hectre was born to Hectra and Lord Oaké of House Fletcher, in Fletcher’s Peak. At the age of six his mother mysteriously vanished. He grew up a very happy child and his best friend was an diminutive orc named Coldsweat. When his father Oaké was called upon by the Duke, to be the Duke’s Hand, Hectre began his training so he would be fit to one day be the Lord of Fletcher’s Peak. At the age of 16 Hectre first went in to battle, during the Ravenswood Dispute. Not much is known of those first years of Hectre’s time as a warrior, but when he returned to Fletcher’s peak he was a much different person. He distanced himself from Coldsweat, and instead focused on training and keeping the town safe. Hectre also brought back from battle a baby that he had rescued from a ravaged town, whom Hectre’s father Oaké adopted, her name is Elmira.

Hectre was knighted at the age of 19. Under the guidance of his aunt Juno, Hectre became the sworn protector of Fletcher’s Peak, at the age of 20. He frequently travels across the Duchy on business of politics, but he likes to always be as close to his home as possible. Now at the age of 33, Hectre keeps very few sworn allies, and prefers the company of ale to that of any man or beast.

Hectre is a relative of the High Elf Eldrad, Lord of Ursina.

The Oak Ring of Fletcher is a time honored group of warriors trained to defend the Fletcher’s at all costs. The Oak Ring of Fletcher

-Trada: A Female Warrior, age 39
-Juni: Son of Juno, Cousin of Hectre, age 20
-Gistro: Hectre’s second cousin, age 23
-Pheeser: age 35
-Spint: age 34

Hectre has also sworn his protection to Bahador, a Scythian Dragon Knight, and Naiadé a wood elf.


Hectre resides in Fletcher’s Peak. His home is a mansion located adjacent to the ruins of the old Fletcher Watch Tower. The ruins were partially rebuilt to serve as a great hall for the town. It is in this tower where the Great Oak Chair, the chair of the Protector of Fletcher’s Peak, sits at the back center of the hall. The chair is built into a knot on a towering Oak Tree.

Ser Hectre "The Root" of House Fletcher

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