Light Inheritors

The Nightmare


The party returned to Orstrum and received a small reward from Ilse for clearing out the temple. Ser Hectre claimed an oaken walking stick with a golden ram’s head grip. Naiadé claimed a pair of diamond earrings, while Althaea chose a gold ring inlaid with a sapphire. A strange rune was carved into the sapphire, but no one is sure of its meaning. Eldrad finally took a golden necklace adorned with sparkling rubies. They may fetch a fine price in town. That night, Tordek returned bearing strange news: there was no great evil in the temple’s inner sanctum. It was completely empty. Tordek completed the reconsecration as planned, however, and returned to Orstrum without further harm.

The party departed Orstrum at daybreak, but left in the direction of Brei, the duchy’s capital city. Eldrad and his cousin, Ser Hectre, both have retainers in Ursina looking over the town in their absence. On the trip, they took directions from a plains orc named Urrumar, and took a shortcut through a pleasant forest. That night, Naiadé had a troubling dream in her trance-state. The Ghoul appeared, threatening to hurt Naiadé as she hurt him. She was awoken by a fiery, sulfurous explosion in the distance and by the blaze that engulfed the forest. A Malebolge.

A Spined Devil and a group of lemures quickly surrounded the party and attempted to subdue them, but they were able to rout the devils and escape to the northeast. The burning forest almost consumed Eldrad and Hectre when a burning pine collapsed on top of them, but Althaea and Hectre’s combined strength was enough to toss the heavy trunk. Finally free of the blazing forest, the party now looks on towards Lake Fletcher, the Isle Orybdoir, and finally, Brei.

A Temple Desecrated

The party returns to Ursina after having rescued the citizens of Overlake and routing the hobgoblin forces. A week passes. Eldrad is once again requested to aid a nearby village. A dwarf named Ilse leads a small troupe of dwarves from the nearby village of Orstrum, claiming that a temple to Io in her village has been desecrated by evil forces. A dwarf named Tordek accompanies the party to clear out the temple.

A mysterious wood elf named Quric approaches the party in secret and requests that they reconsecrate the temple not in the name of Io, but in the name of Ulir, goddess of the elves. Naiadé and Ser Hectre, who believe that Tordek will not allow them to consecrate it in Ulir’s name, conspire to eliminate the dwarf.

Inside the temple are hordes of the undead, and dark magic pervades the site. Naiadé and Hectre hatch their plan, but Althaea and Eldrad are outraged at their actions. Eventually, Eldrad negotiates with Tordek and the party, reaching an agreement that will placate both parties. Tordek is allowed to reconsecrate the temple, and the party leaves unpunished for their treachery.

The Siege of Overlake

Upon return to Ursina, the adventurers are congratulated by Abbott Renwick for destroying the ghoul. They suggest in unison that they never actually saw its body. Their celebration is interrupted when a Scythian dragon knight crashes outside the abbey. The knight says that his platoon was hired by a town named Overlake to defend them from an encroaching hobgoblin army. The party rushes to Overlake to defend the town.

The Fire Beetles were first discovered in the caves beneath Fort Phrygia in Overlake.

The Ghoul of Castle Blacklance

blacklance.jpgFebruary, Y843 of the Norn calendar.

Six intrepid adventurers gathered at the Frostmonth Festival in the small village of Ursina in northwest Brei. Ser Hectre the Root arrived first, eager to see his cousin, Eldrad, the lord of Ursina. Eldrad was accompanied by his loyal aide, Althaea, a dragonborn with dull blue scales. Naiadé, a wood elf refugee from the forest of Ardennes found her way to the festival. The halfling Nevara and the dragonborn Cade no longer accompany this group, but attended the festival.

The festivities were interrupted by a gruesome murder, perpetrated by a being the townsfolk known only as the Ghoul of Blacklance, an undead monstrosity that has plagued the village since last year’s harvest.

The adventurers traveled to Castle Blacklance, an ancient Du’un keep atop the treacherous Fallow Peak and discovered a mysterious sorcerer commanding the ghoul. Naiadé shot the ghoul and it was knocked out the window and disappeared from sight while Ser Hectre slew the sorcerer.


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