atasaya.pngThere are many legends which the ancient people told.
Legends of gods and fiends.
In the forests of the west, they told of an evil ancient even to them.
How tall stood the great bear.
How sharp his fangs.
How red his eyes: bonfires in the night.

Atasaya has been known by many names throughout the ages. The ancient Rohnic people knew him as He-Who-Devours-All, thinking him a vengeful spirit of nature. The dwarves of the southern hills carved grand friezes depicting the mighty Zharr-gor, beast of flames. Even the sheltered, peaceful halflings told stories of the devilbear around their campfires at night. The elves who lived in the tall trees of Ardennes called him Atasaya, which in their ancient tongue means prince of terror.

Today, the name Atasaya is unknown to all but the most well-studied cleric or demonologist. Those that do know of the bear demon find it hard to surmise his power and rank among the other Demon Princes. Some say he is merely a mad destroyer, a demon unleashed from the Abyss to wreak havoc until he is destroyed. Others believe he is an agent of pure destruction commanded by Orcus, one of the most powerful demon lords. The lost legends say that Atasaya the Mutilator takes the shape of an immense bear in the mortal world, standing several stories high.

It is likely that some mad cultists pay homage to Atasaya somewhere in the forests of Ardennes.


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