dragon_banner.pngThere is no force on Norn as fearsome as a dragon. The very word dragon conjures images of sleek, reptilian forms, glimmering scales, and wings more powerful than any mortal being, all perched atop massive hoards of golden treasure. Their names are synonymous with majesty, power, and uncountable wealth. Their radiance is no mistake: Io, the Creator, crafted all of dragonkind in Her image. Dragons, the first beings to populate Norn, were not numerous when they were first created, but they number even fewer now. Most dragons today are cruel, avaricious, and solitary. Above all things, they crave power and wealth, preferring to dominate the “lesser kinds” from secluded lairs, where they amass their sparkling treasure.

The Dragonkin
dragonborn_mother.pngBecause of the dragons’ solitary nature, few people alive have seen a living dragon with their own eyes. However, dragons’ mortal cousins, known collectively as the Dragonkin, are much more common than true dragons. Of the Dragonkin, the wyvern, the pseudodragon, and the Dragonborn are the best-known. The humanoid Dragonborn people are thought to have originated in the Kurtulmak Desert long ago, when it was still covered by tall, tropical trees and water flowed plentifully there. Dragonborn are now most common in the Kingdom of Grandévere, particularly in the duchy of Santenne.

wyvern.JPGWyverns are bestial, two-legged dragons with a powerful, scorpion-like tail. They are more intelligent than most beasts, but lack the true dragons’ capacity for speech. They are native to the mountains of Scythia and are ridden as flying steeds by the feared Dragon Knights of Scythia. Their powerful tails terminate in a terrible, poisonous barb. Most who incur a wyvern’s wrath are simply impaled upon its spear-like point. Those unfortunate enough to survive suffer a slow, painful death from its fiery poison.

pseudodragon.pngPseudodragons are small, draconic creatures with the stature and disposition of a housecat. One typically measures only one foot long from tip to tail, and weighs only around seven pounds . They are most frequently found in the company of wizards and sorcerers with an affinity for dragons. Pseudodragons like to form close, friendly relationships with a single creature; this bond is so strong that many such sorcerers take them on as familiars. Pseudodragons cannot physically speak any languages, but are blessed with telepathic powers, allowing them to communicate with their masters. Like the much larger wyvern, their main form of defense is a stinging, scorpion-like tail.


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