The Chained God

The Chained God sleeps alone in emptiness,
Rightly feared both by sin and holiness.
His entropic dreams, hollow eternities
Did unchecked spread his corrupting disease,
And with wicked virulence it soon flow’d
Into the young, unblemished earthly globe.

Both hosts of heaven and princes of hell
Took hands, lest this unbound god their doom spell.
Io’s creatures of earth with strength and sense
Raised blades and claws and fire in their defense.
Fifty nights madness reigned and reason drowned,
’Til in an ebon book was darkness bound.

E’en in sleep he births shades all-consuming,
Even in chains the ebon god is free.
His aberrant shadows are e’er blooming,
His unholy kin yet live and breed.

—author unknown, c. Y776

A third stanza depicting the Nine Crusaders and the Holy War is recorded to have existed, but is lost.

The Chained God

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