The Oak Ring of Fletcher


The Oak Ring of Fletcher is a time honored group of warriors trained to defend the Fletcher’s at all costs. It has had a number of members throughout the last 150 years. The first group was the leftovers from the standing militia created by the Wood Elf Fisifolith to defend Fletcher’s Peak. Over time the number of warriors has decreased, from a beginning of 30 to now 5, four men and one women. Although two of the current members are Fletchers themselves, they hold more ceremonial positions on the Ring, only called upon for battle in times of great need.



Trada Aumont is a 39 year old warrior on the Ring. She is the oldest on the team, and was raised from birth by her father, who was also a member, to be the most vicious fighter. She has never formally fought in any army and is almost never far from Fletcher’s peak. She handles the guard that does the daily protection of the Fletchers at Fletcher’s Peak. She wields a small round shield, and a battle axe with a handle that unlocks and turns the axe into a mace type weapon. She also frequently welds hatchets, as she has a fondness for hacking weapons. Personality wise she is a very closed book, her fondness for violence, vulgarity, and hard liquors doesn’t make her many friends. Make no mistake she is not friends with her fellow Ring members, and hardly ever fights with them. She prefers to bound around a fight and attack from all sides at once.



Pheeser is the moniker of Ormon Phell, a 35-year-old warrior in the Ring. Unlike Trada he is well traveled and well-known by those in the warrior circles. Though he is not known by his given name, rather by the name of his weapon. Pheeser’s Pheeser is a combination of two long swords forged into a combined double blade, the two blades are separated by about and inch. This weapon ensures Pheeser that a direct hit will kill, and it is useful in trapping an opponent’s sword. Pheeser is very direct in his fighting style. On the personality side, its hard to tell since he had his tongue cut out when he was 26, he certainly follows orders well, and is not someone you would want to cross. His best friend and often his speaker is his fellow Ring member Spint.



Spint is the moniker of Joram Roq, a 34-year-old warrior in the Ring. Spint is similar to Pheeser in his travels and reputation, seeing as the two have been inseparable since they started their training from adolescence to be members of the Ring. The two of them are the ones most often sent along with members of the Fletcher family when they travel. Like Pheeser, Spint’s moniker came from his weapon, a 6-foot iron rod wrapped in leather. He uses “Spint” as a multiuse weapon for tripping, smacking, braining, poking, bashing, and most impressively using the rod as a pole-vault to jump off of. Spint prefers to not have his likeness depicted; an artist did the sketch above from memory. Spint later broke the artist’s arm for drawing him without his consent. Spint’s most notable feature is his lack of the end of his nose. In his twenties he got into a fight in a cold climate, and he was beaten. His nose was broken so badly, that by the time Spint woke up from his beating, the end of his nose was dead from lack of blood and frostbite. Spint had Pheeser cut off the end of his nose, and if you ask Spint he will tell you that he’s glad he lost his nose, because “It just gets in the way.” Spint’s fighting is more of an assist to his fellow fighters, most often Pheeser. Spint will jump into a fight; deliver a few quick hard-hitting blows, to daze his enemy, and then jump out of the fight. If Spint does need to finish off an enemy he tends to use his hunting knife, or their own weapon.



Gistro “One-Shot” of House Fletcher is a 23-year-old member of the Ring. Gistro is a second cousin of Ser Hectre “The Root” of House Fletcher. He is the newest member of the ring, at just over 2 years on the Ring, and had no formalized training in defending the Fletchers. Gistro was raised in Brei, he moved to Fletcher’s Peak following the passing of his mother, Gistra (sister of Lofreyen). Growing up in Brei he had briefly trained under the archers at the Duke’s Castle. Lord Oaké saw Gistro’s incredible talent with a bow and arrow, and suggested him to Hectre for the Ring. Whether this was out of pity is unsure, seeing as a bow and arrow isn’t the best weapon for a bodyguard. Gistro went on to prove himself as a member with his fantastic strategies for defending Fletcher’s Peak. He spent a year at Fletcher’s Peak thinking of every possible way the town could be attacked, and he has so far created over a hundred different contingency plans for varying circumstances. Gistro is also an adept gambler.



Juni “Volcano” of House Fletcher is a 20-year-old member of the Ring. He is the son of Juno “The Peak’s Mother”, the nephew of Lord Oaké, cousin of Ser Hectre, and second cousing to Gistro. As the second in line to the Lordship, he holds the traditional role of town blacksmith. Juni himself personally does repairs on his fellow Ring member’s weapons. At the age of 12 he made Hectre his trademark arrowhead sword, and Hectre has continued to use this design for his personal sword ever since. Juni has always been far more mature than he appears, and is sometimes the first person to scold Hectre when he does something wrong. In pure example of his boldness he proposed to the 28 year old stable keeper when he was 18, that same year they were married and had a baby girl, Gulipi. Seeing as he was trained by Hectre in swordplay, Juni’s fighting style is very similar to Hectre, except without Hectre’s unwavering battle stance. Juni is slightly competitive with Gistro, and of the member’s of the Oak Ring, Juni serves the least purpose, in terms of day to day protection.

The Oak Ring of Fletcher

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