ulir.jpgUlir the Eternal (c. Y223 – c. Y600) was a female wood elf, the first Queen of Ardennes, and one of the Nine Crusaders who overthrew the evil Du’un Empire. During the Holy War, she was best known as a tactical genius of unparalleled skill, an inspiring and iron-willed general, and the best archer on Norn. In the year Y600, she cut short her mortal life by undergoing an ancient elven ritual, and joined her eight companions as an immortal spirit. Following her apotheosis, she was revered by many as a deity of nature, protector of the elves and archers, and patron god of strategy and logic. It is said that her divine power protects the sacred forest in the heart of Ardennes. She is almost always depicted with her faithful wolf companion, Faolan, at her side. She wielded the Oathbow, a sacred relic crafted by the elves’ fae ancestors.

Ulir is among the most mysterious of the Nine Crusaders. When the Du’un Empire subjugated her homeland circa Y170, she led a mass exodus, delivering many Ardenni elves to the safe mountains of Scythia. After her people were safely hidden in the towering eastern peaks, she gathered her finest archers and formed the first recorded guerrilla army, believing that a skilled group, if they could deal enough small blows to the empire, could bring the Du’un to their knees. For nearly two hundred years she fought futilely against the unbreakable empire, until one day none remained to answer her call. No warriors remained to draw blade against the Du’un. Any hope that the enemy could be defeated had been lost, and the long-lived elves chose not to throw away their remaining centuries on an unstoppable foe.

Ulir disappeared into the west, dismissing her kin in the east as cowards and traitors. A century passed, and the elves in the east lived peacefully on the mountaintops, farming and terracing the land there. The Du’un cared little about the small and inhospitable Scythian range; the people there lived a meager existence, free only because their land was of little value to the empire. Over a century passed, and it was not until Y491, after the fledgling Liberation Army had struck several decisive blows at Du’un outposts near Scythia, that the peerless elven general was seen again.

Legend holds that the Liberation Army had, in a raid of a Du’un fortress, grossly misjudged the strength of their foe. Freya, Baldur, Hod, and their combined platoons were cornered in the fortress’ courtyard, but just as all hope seemed to have vanished, the sound of elven horns blared over the next hill. Ulir had returned, with a force of four hundred elves, all saved from the occupied forests of the west.

After the war, Ulir and her elven warriors spent another year hunting down Du’un forces in their homeland. Only after their vengeance was exacted was the kingdom rebuilt. Ulir and the Kingdom of Ardennes had no part in the Remnant War; the elves were weary of war after centuries of conflict, and wished only to rebuild. With the Du’un driven from Ardennes, the Remnant War was a solely Grandéveran conflict, and one that Ulir would take no part in.


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