Light Inheritors

New Friends, Old Foes

Part Two Prologue


Y843, early June. Three months have passed since the demon Atasaya possessed Eldrad at Fletcher’s Peak. Three months of war.

The marauding orcs of Ardennes attacked the village of Restenford in the south of Brei, an injustice that none in Brei will allow. The duchy is peaceful by nature, and has no standing military of its own. The Grandéveran royal army, stationed in Hildsvine responds to all external threats, leaving Brei only their knightly orders to defend the fatherland.

The Fletchers hatched a plan and struck a deal with the Ravenswood family, a group of traders and sorcerers. Their magical aid transformed many Breian cities into powerful fortresses, and awed many of the Breian citizens with their power. The Fletchers’ “one-week plan” incensed the people of Brei and stirred them to action against the Ardenni orcs. Now, this Fletcher army fights battle after battle to drive the orcs out of Ardennes forever.

Althaea, motivated purely by revenge, seeks to kill Brigand Baneous, the killer who murdered her father. She believes him to be allied with the orcs. A Breian sheriff named Sellen was hired by Hectre of House Fletcher to find Althaea and Lucio, who was traveling with her. Near Ursina, Althaea and Lucio encountered another Dragonborn, a monk of Aurvandil named Jadronka.

Deep in the forest of spirits, they learn that the orcs are using minotaurs as guides through the labyrinthine woods. They also learn that the Fletcher army’s southern force, led by Ser Isolde, has gone missing. The four warriors are now tracking the lost army deep into enemy territory…


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