stained_glass_dragon_io.jpgIo, the Divine Dragon, is the all-mother and all-father and is revered by most intelligent beings on Norn for creating the world and all creatures that populate it. Legend says that Io was responsible for the Miracle of Dawn, and without her divine intervention, the Nine Crusaders could never have overthrown the Du’un Empire. Though certain groups worship individual crusaders, no crusader is revered so much as Io. She is associated with divine magic, especially light and healing.

Temples to Io can be found across the continent. The Sunlit Cathedral in Hildsvine is the Life-Giver’s largest house of worship, but small chapels can be found in almost every city on Norn. Many humans either carry small holy trinkets on their person or have a personal shrine in their home. Some shrines are as simple as a lit candle and a circle of dried leaves, but wealthier families frequently craft or purchase marble altars and burn incense to venerate their god.

Prayers to the Dragon God are often requests for blessings of good fortune, good health, and good harvests. Though the Liberation Army is said to have prayed for Io’s blessing in war when they fought against the Empire, few pray to Io for war blessings anymore. Grandéveran warriors more commonly pray to Hod or Baldur for a quick, decisive battle or for an honorable death, while the dragon knights of Scythia can sometimes be heard muttering prayers to Woten before their wyverns take wing.

Dragonborn legend attests that the first of their kind were born when Io’s blood was spilt on the earth when she battled the Chained God in prehistoric times. This is but one legend of the dragonborn; some say that they were born from the eggs of dragons unblessed by the Dragon God, so they took man-like form instead of being born in their creator’s true likeness. Others hold the more optimistic belief that in ancient times, when a dragon egg was hatched by a human, Io blessed the familial union and the dragon child was born in the likeness of its human caretaker.


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