Nine Crusaders

The Nine Crusaders are remembered as the legendary heroes who overthrew the evil Du’un Empire in ancient times. Io, the Dragon God, granted them immense power and the mighty Regalia with which to destroy the tyrannical Du’un. Their heroic deeds have since faded from memory and transformed into legend. Many stories surround the Nine, both during their campaign against the Du’un and after the war, making it difficult to discern true events from apocryphal tales. After the destruction of the Empire in Y498, the crusaders divided up the liberated imperial territories and took on the burden of rebuilding the ravaged continent of Norn.

Though the crusaders hailed from different lands and were born in different echelons of society, they were united by their common enemy. During the Holy War, the crusaders led the Liberation Army against the Du’un Empire’s mighty armies, and became the kings and queens of nations after the empire’s fall. Now, centuries after their death, the crusaders are revered by many as gods.

Freya the Celestial was the first queen of the Kingdom of Grandévere and the leader of the crusaders. A human woman, Freya was a mighty sorceress in life, and was very close with animals. She is now revered as the goddess of magic, a patron of civilization and law, and protector of cats. Her chief temple is in Hildsvine.

Baldur the Radiant was the first duke of Brei, and was the youngest of the crusaders. He was a peerless swordsman, a kind ruler, and a loyal companion. A human male, Baldur is now known as the god of light, courage, and benevolence. His chief temple is in the heart of Brei’s capital.

Hod the Unbreakable was the first and only duke of Augusty, and the first king of Praetoria. He was Baldur’s brother, and is infamous for also being Baldur’s murderer. His tale and that of the legendary sword Mystletainn are inexorable. A human male, Hod is now revered as the god of duty, knightly honor and love, brotherhood, and the rain and snow. His chief temple is in Augusty, the Praetorian capital, but another shrine exists in Brei, aside his brother’s.

Ulir the Eternal was the first queen of Ardennes, and the most stubborn of the crusaders. She led a centuries-long guerrilla campaign against the Du’un Empire before the formation of the Liberation Army, and saved the elves of the west from slavery. A wood elf female, Ulir is now revered as the goddess of nature and forests, protector of elvenkind, patron of archers and fletchers, and goddess of logic and strategy.

Andvari the Cunning was the first duke of Nibeline, and the most eloquent of the crusaders. He is renowned for liberating dwarven slaves from Du’un labor camps throughout the western hills. A dwarven male, Andvari is now revered as the god of spies, espionage, and burglars, as well as protector of dwarves and muse of metalworkers.

Skadi the Giantess was the first duchess of Aurvandil, and the first sage of the Chambara Order. She was a ruthless berserker in the Imperial Age, but renounced the way of the warrior after the Remnant War and took up a life of asceticism in the Barrier Peaks atop Mt. Aurvandil. A female giant, Skadi is now revered as the goddess of clear thought, protector of the mountains and mountaineers, and peace.

Woten the Seer was the first king of Scythia, his ancestral home. He served for many years as bodyguard to the imperial princess, Myrrh, but fled the capital, Thariz, with her in Y490. He was king for a few short years, but was bested by one of his pupils, and relinquished the throne as per Scythian law. He is said to have had prophetic visions throughout his life, but he wrote five prophecies before his death. A human male, Woten is now revered as the god of precognition, protector of soldiers, and master of the skies.

Sigurd the Dragonslayer was the first duke of Santenne and slayer of the wicked dragon, Fafnir. He was born a citizen of the empire, and served for all of his adolescent life as a soldier in a caste of warrior orcs. An orcish male, Sigurd is now revered as the god of war, destruction, and fire, as well as protector of the orcs and those who wander the wilderness.

Myrrh the Defiant was the forbidden daughter of the Du’un Emperor, and the sister of the imperial crown prince. She betrayed her bloodline after her brother, then Emperor Sheol XIV, attempted to murder her one night in Thariz. She joined the Liberation Army, hoping to free her brother from the madness that the Black Book had given him. A human female, Myrrh is now revered as the goddess of death, rebirth, beauty, and thunderstorms.

Nine Crusaders

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